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Yongfa, founded in 1993 and having more than 20 years of household stainless steel kitchenware and kitchen supplies manufacturing experience, introduced a whole set of quality, safety and environmental management system of German top kitchen utensils enterprise as its production management standard, to provide vast consumers with high quality kitchen utensils and supplies, and established Feishier brand in 2010. All along, Feishier inherited the rigorous industrial spirit of Germany, upholds and promotes elegant, exquisite, artistic and romantic European attitude towards life, creating a kitchenware brand recommended and selected by senior hotels and people with fashion tastes

The overall logo has three aspects of meaning:

1. F: Fashion, fashion; C: Cooker, kitchenware and cooking utensils. The combination of F and C means the brand positioning of fashion and classic Feishier cooking utensils.

2. Using & to connect F and C means that Feishier as F (factory) always gets together with C (consumer), concerned about the latest consumer demand, and determined to work together with consumers to create user friendly and high-quality products.

3. The adding of marking “Fashion cooker” further specifies the brand area of Feishier.

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